Calgary, AB




In Development

The Montgomery Residence is situated on a slope overlooking southwest Calgary with Edworthy Park in the distance. The residence was designed to capitalize on the the grade of the landscape by extending the setback further from the street. By doing this, we were able to utilize the extra vertical space while at the same time minimizing its impact with the surrounding environment. The extended setback is mediated by a footbridge that connects the main floor of the house with street level.

The other design parameter was a very tight budget for the program, resulting in a dense stacking of program and a focus on form over materials. This is emphasized when looking at the roof… We combined a pragmatic approach with an interesting take on the roof form by twisting it against its traditional orientation. The house is clad in a corrugated white Aluminum; this is a playful departure from Shugarman Architecture’s usual design modes but it’s impact is apparent when contrasted with Alberta’s blue skies.