Edmonton, AB




In Development


41,600 sqft

This project has a complex ambition to act as the public and commercial center of the surrounding high-density neighborhood and to offer itself as a public green space for all local residents and visitors to enjoy.

To achieve this ambition, the building is designed with a sloping living roof that meets the ground on the west side. By “growing out of the ground”, this new building allows the neighbouring Light Rapid Transit’s park-like green space to seamlessly rise into a green hill upon which neighborhood residents can walk, lounge in the summer, and host hillside special events all year.

Beneath this unique angled roof sits approx. 14,000 square feet of leasable space for two tenants. One a restaurant and bar, and the other a flexible market and special function space for the community to gather within. The façade that grows out of the ground is largely transparent allowing the building to feel accessible to neighborhood residents and visitors alike. Huge south-facing skylights penetrate the green hill bringing natural light into the floor-plate below. This unique architectural feature further makes the market and restaurant below a one-of-a-kind space in the city.

Below street level, there are three levels of very rational underground parking to welcome visitors from other parts of the city, and to generate revenue to help pay for the building’s complexity.