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583 sq/m

The design of this residence originated from both the spectacular site and the particular client ambitions to create an elegant yet livable residence for their young family.

The site is comprised of two amalgamated ravine lots, one deep and one narrow; together they stretch out westward and peer over the landscape and the beautiful creek below. This led to an approach of a linear program with an expansively glazed west façade  – offering every room a spectacular view. In addition to this, we integrated two internal courtyards to break up the spaces without introducing solid elements. The master wing is removed from the main floor, driven by the extraordinary beauty as a result of the sectional relationship offered by the courtyard, as well as the increasing independence of growing kids.

The client wished for expressive roof forms from the early stages of concept design; the flying birdlike wings of the two major roof forms felt a fitting metaphor for the beautiful architecture perched atop a prairie ridge and about to take flight. In contrast to this the street façade is presented as one of solidarity and is mostly custom quarried Canadian stone.