Master Planning and Design Coordination

The Ice District is an area of 22 acres in downtown Edmonton Alberta. It is centered on the new Rogers Arena, which acts as the catalyst for adjacent development. The district in its current phase of development includes over 1300 residences, two office towers totaling over 1.2 million square feet, over 200,000 sq feet of retail including cinemas, grocers, and a casino, a four-star hotel, and a new civic plaza.

Shugarman Architecture and Design was the first design consultant involved in the District’s inception and continues its involvement as Coordinating Architect to this day.

Shugarman Architecture and Design developed the initial master plan with Katz Group chairman Daryl Katz, in which we placed the Arena on its current site and then linked the Arena to a public plaza across a major arterial roadway via a large enclosed public gathering space. This enclosed public space then deposited people into a large exterior plaza, which was in turn surrounded by private development of office, commercial, and hospitality. In addition to creating new links into the city’s street grid, all development is connected to public light rail and to the cities pedway system. We developed the District distribution of development density, primary urban design links, and program use.

Shugarman Architecture and Design then acted as Owner representative to select additional consultancy and further refine the master plan with this growing talent pool. Of particular mention, we worked with Scott Rolston and Ryan Gedney of HOK architects, Kansas City to expand the public plaza and resolve final location of the arena facilities. We concurrently worked with David Pontarini and Michael Attard of HPA architects of Toronto Canada to define specific building sites around the plaza.

Shugarman Architecture and Design continues to act as coordinating Architect throughout the growing Ice District working with HPA Architects, Dialog Architecture, Stantec Architecture, HOK Architects and many other specialty consultants. As new opportunities and circumstances present themselves, we test these opportunities at the request of the developer.

We continue to be responsible for defining and maintaining the overall District aesthetic in terms of form, material and color with all other design consultancy. Within the DIstrict, each building and interior design team receives a design brief and then reports to Shugarman Architecture and Design in terms of aesthetic. In addition, as new development opportunities and circumstances present themselves, we continue to act as the developer’s design consultant to test the implications and viability of these opportunities.